THE 9ft 909 is agroup-participation interactive sculpture.
A RAY Collaboration, conceived by Brendan McCarthy and Sam Healy as a golden ticket for festival season. So far we've made it to Greenman'14 / Bestival'14 / Bangface '15 / Kelburn '15 / Shamballa '15 /...

Made from tensile steel, aluminum and wood, this was designed to take a beating, and it does.
Frame design and construction by Brendan McCarthy, Martin Gleeson, Alan McRae and Alan McCarthy.
Sponsored by Roland UK.

More about the 909 and the making-of here:

The video we posted of our first test set up got over 200,000 views in a short period of time. The story got picked up by Mixmag and Creators Project.

9ft-909-promo pic.jpg